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Art Spectra 2024 Inaugurated at AIFACS, Delhi.

Art Spectra 2024, an eagerly anticipated art exhibition, was inaugurated yesterday at 6 PM at the prestigious All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS), Parliament Street, Delhi. The exhibition, which will be on view until 30th May 2024, is open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM.


Shri Shri Dr. PALAKKAL NAGARAJ stands out as a beacon of light, offering profound spiritual teachings that resonate on a global scale. His unique approach to transcending cosmic energy has transformed countless lives, fostering a sense of unity and inner peace across diverse communities.A Spiritual Journey Rooted in Tradition Shri Shri Dr.PALAKKAL NAGARAJ’s spiritual journey began in his early years, deeply influenced by a rich heritage of ancient wisdom.

Redefining Norms: Preeti Agarwal’s Journey to Empowerment

Preeti Agarwal's journey into social work and women's activism was fueled by a deep-seated desire to challenge injustice and uplift the marginalized. Armed with a keen intellect and a compassionate heart, she embarked on a mission to dismantle systemic inequalities and create a more inclusive society. Collaborating with a myriad of NGOs, Preeti spearheaded initiatives aimed at empowering women, providing them with the tools and resources needed to thrive and succeed.

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12-Year-Old Develops Stomach Hole After Consuming ‘Smoky Paan’ with Liquid Nitrogen at Bengaluru Wedding

A 12-year-old girl faced a life-threatening medical emergency after consuming a 'smoky paan' infused with liquid nitrogen at a wedding event in Bengaluru. The incident led to a diagnosis of perforation peritonitis, a severe condition involving a hole in the stomach, prompting immediate surgical intervention.

“Bengaluru Set for Two Weeks of Rain, Temperature Drop Expected”

Bengaluru residents can expect a prolonged period of rainfall and relief from the intense heat as the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and weather experts predict showers till May 19. This news comes as a respite after months of scorching temperatures in the tech capital.

“Bengaluru’s Voter Incentives: Free Food and Discounts Drive High Turnout”

As Bengaluru witnessed the Lok Sabha elections, a wave of incentives from eateries and businesses swept across the city, enticing voters with freebies and discounts in exchange for exercising their democratic right. One notable hotspot, Nisarga Grand, drew long queues as people eagerly lined up for complimentary butter dosas, laddus, and fruit juices after casting their votes.

Bengaluru Rains Bring Relief After 5-Month Dry Spell

After enduring nearly five months of scorching heat and dry weather, Bengaluru experienced a welcome change as light showers broke the prolonged dry spell in the city. The rainfall, which arrived as a relief from the unusually high temperatures, is expected to continue for several days, offering respite to residents across Karnataka's capital.

“Bengaluru’s Dual Challenge: Record Heat Intensifies Water Crisis”

Bengaluru, known for its pleasant climate, is grappling with a dual crisis as soaring temperatures exacerbate existing water scarcity issues. The city's residents are adapting their routines amidst the sweltering heat, raising concerns about the impact of rapid urbanization and climate change on their daily lives.

“Bengaluru Man Stabs Girlfriend 15 Times, Resulting in Her Death: Report”

In a shocking incident in Bengaluru, a 32-year-old man reportedly killed his girlfriend by stabbing her 15 times after she refused to marry him. The victim, identified as Farida Khatoon, died on the spot, and the accused, Girish NL alias Rehan Ahmed, surrendered himself at Jayanagar police station following the incident.

“Bengaluru Takes Action: 22 Families Penalized for Misusing Drinking Water During Critical Shortage”

In the wake of a severe water shortage in Bengaluru, authorities have taken strict action against wasteful use of drinking water by fining 22 families for non-essential activities such as washing cars and gardening. Each household has been fined ₹5,000 for violating the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board's (BWSSB) order to conserve water during the crisis.

Uber Passenger Claims Bengaluru Driver Abused and Expelled Him Mid-Ride

A Google techie in Bengaluru took to social media to narrate a distressing incident involving an Uber driver, sparking a wave of similar experiences from other users. The passenger, identified as @striver_79 on X, recounted how the driver incessantly talked on the phone without headphones, leading to discomfort and eventually verbal abuse.

“New Bengaluru Rule: ₹5,000 Fine for Misusing Drinking Water”

In response to an acute water shortage gripping the city, Bengaluru has implemented stringent measures to curb wasteful consumption of drinking water. The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board has announced penalties for individuals found misusing potable water, aiming to promote responsible water usage among residents.

“In Bengaluru, Residents Seek Mall Restrooms Amidst Water Shortage”

As Bengaluru grapples with an acute water shortage, a resident has brought attention to the dire situation by revealing that individuals are resorting to visiting malls for restroom facilities and gyms for bathing purposes. The resident, claiming to reside in a flat in Prestige Falcon City, highlighted the challenges faced due to the absence of a regular water supply, which has persisted for a month.

“Karnataka Government Implements Price Caps for Water Tankers Amid Bengaluru’s Water Crisis”

As Bengaluru grapples with a severe water crisis, the Karnataka government has taken decisive steps to regulate the prices of water tankers in the city. Following numerous complaints of exorbitant prices, the district administration has introduced price caps based on the quantity of water and the distance of delivery.

Bengaluru Authorities On High Alert After Bomb Threat Email Demands $2.5 Million

In a concerning development, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and several cabinet ministers have received a threatening email from an individual named Shahid Khan. The email, sent from the address, warns of a large explosion set to occur in Bengaluru at 2:48 pm on Saturday.

Bengaluru Water Crisis Intensifies as Thousands of Borewells Dry Up, Private Tanker Prices Soar

The water crisis in Bengaluru has reached alarming levels, with approximately 3,000 borewells drying up and private water tankers exploiting the scarcity by charging exorbitant prices ranging from ₹500 to ₹2,000 per tanker. As residents struggle to cope with the severe shortage, the Karnataka government has initiated measures to address the grim situation.

“Three Arrested for Alleged “Pakistan Zindabad” Slogans Outside Karnataka Assembly”

Three individuals have been arrested in connection with the alleged chanting of "Pakistan Zindabad" slogans outside the Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru on February 27. The incident occurred during the Rajya Sabha election, as supporters of Congress Rajya Sabha candidate Nasir Hussain celebrated his victory.

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