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Gujarat Businessman and Wife Donate ₹200 Crore Wealth to become monks

Himmatnagar, Gujarat: In a remarkable display of devotion and renunciation, a wealthy Jain couple from Gujarat, Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife, have donated nearly ₹200 crore and embraced monkhood, following the footsteps of their children who had done the same in 2022.

1,11,111 Kg Laddus to Be Sent to Ayodhya Temple as Prasad for Ram Navami

Ayodhya, India: In a grand gesture of devotion and celebration, Devraha Hans Baba Trust announced that they would be sending an astonishing 1,11,111 kilograms of laddu prasad to the revered Ram temple in Ayodhya. This generous offering is scheduled to be presented and distributed as prasad on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, which falls on April 17 this year.

“AAP’s Amanatullah Khan Denied Anticipatory Bail, Ordered by Supreme Court to Appear Before ED on April 18”

The Supreme Court has rejected anticipatory bail for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Amanatullah Khan in a money laundering case linked to alleged irregularities during his tenure as Chairman of the Waqf Board. The bench emphasized that Khan should not be arrested unless substantial evidence is present, cautioning the Enforcement Directorate (ED) against arbitrary arrests under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Tragic Helicopter Crash in Nepal Claims Lives of Five Tourists as Wreckage and Bodies Found

BrandspotTragic Helicopter Crash in Nepal Claims Lives of Five Tourists as Wreckage and Bodies Found

In a devastating incident this morning, a tourist helicopter crashed near Mount Everest, resulting in the loss of five lives. The bodies of the victims and the wreckage were discovered approximately three hours after the helicopter went missing.

The ill-fated flight, a private chopper operated by Manang Air, was carrying five Mexican nationals when it crashed in the mountainous Solukhumbu district, specifically at Lamjura, shortly after takeoff. According to officials, the helicopter had departed from Surke Airport at 10:04 am with a destination of Kathmandu. Contact with the aircraft was lost around 10:12 am, leaving authorities alarmed and initiating search efforts.

Gyanendra Bhul, Manager of Tribhuvan International Airport, provided details about the incident, stating, “The Manang Air NA-MV chopper had taken off from Surke Airport at 10:04 am for Kathmandu, and it lost contact at around 10:12 am.” Early indications suggest that the helicopter may have collided with a tree on a hilltop, leading to the tragic crash. Despite deploying two helicopters to locate the missing aircraft, search operations were impeded by unfavorable weather conditions.

Eyewitnesses residing in the area reported hearing a loud explosion when the helicopter crashed in the Chihandanda region of Lamjura. Local individuals promptly informed the police, prompting a swift response from a rescue team dispatched to the crash site.

Aviation officials have launched an investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash. Ascertaining the factors that contributed to this tragic event is crucial for aviation safety and preventing future accidents.

Manang Air, established in 1997, specializes in providing chartered services in Nepal, catering to personalized adventures. The company is renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional and customized flight experiences.

This unfortunate helicopter crash serves as a poignant reminder of the risks associated with air travel, especially in challenging terrains. The authorities will conduct a thorough investigation, examining various factors such as weather conditions, pilot expertise, and possible mechanical failures, to establish a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

As the families and friends of the victims mourn their loss, the aviation industry will strive to implement any necessary measures to enhance safety standards and prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

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