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Kuldeep Kayath’s Latest Release “Rajasthani Lover” Captures the Heart of Rajasthan’s Music

Hanslasar, Rajasthan - Kuldeep Kayath, the rising star in the Indian music industry, has just released his latest single, "Rajasthani Lover." The 20-year-old singer and musician from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, has been making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of Indi Pop and Hip-hop, Romantic, and R&B genres.

Article on Abhishek Goyal

Abhishek Goyal is a luminary in the world of finance, a visionary investor who has made a name for himself by identifying and investing in the most promising startups and entrepreneurial ventures. His inventive approach to investing has earned him a reputation as a groundbreaker, a forerunner in the industry who is always one step ahead of the competition.

Beyond Fitness: How Delhi-Based D2C Brand helping Fitness Freaks in achieving their Dreams

This is where Rubrak Nutrition private limited, brand Beyond Fitness  founded by Shivam maggo and Nikhil Kumar, a delhi based brand situated in Paharganj, comes in. The brand is dedicated to providing high-quality fitness supplements and vitamins at an affordable price. Their products are designed and formulated by a team of international researchers who keep in mind the needs of athletes, fitness freaks, and gym-goers. Beyond Fitness  was founded on the principle that people should never settle for second best when it comes to their health. The brand believes that everyone deserves to have access to safe and effective fitness supplements and vitamins, regardless of their financial status.

Shriguru Majid Paithankar Takes Charge of MahaShivratri Festivities at Tarkeshwar
Mahamandir in Yerwada Pune, Welcomed by Hon. Shailesh Rajguru Ji

BrandspotShriguru Majid Paithankar Takes Charge of MahaShivratri Festivities at TarkeshwarMahamandir in Yerwada Pune, Welcomed by Hon. Shailesh Rajguru Ji

Shriguru Majid Paithankar, renowned Siddha Yogi of the highest order and the Global
Spiritual Leader, led the Maha Aarti at the Tarkeshwar Mahamandir on the occasion of
Mahashivratri 2023. The holy site witnessed thousands of devotees from all faiths who
gathered to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Honourable Shailesh Rajguru Ji and the
Honourable President of Gavkari Mandali, Shri Subhash Rajguru Ji, were instrumental
in organising the festival and ensuring its grand success.
The Tarkeshwar Mahamandir has always been a place of religious harmony, hosting people
from all faiths, including Sikh, Jain, Muslim, and others. The devotion and reverence shown
by the people towards Lord Shiva was truly inspiring.
The Gavkari Mandali Yervada, a religious organization, has been dedicated to the
service of the temple for many years, and their commitment to the temple’s
management and spiritual aspects was evident in the arrangements made for the
Shriguru Majid Paithankar, with his blessed hands, led the Maha Aarti at midnight,
which was followed by deep yogic meditation and mantra chanting. The experience left
everyone present in awe, and the deep energies of Lord Shiva could be felt by all. Shriguru
after the Maha Aarti prayed to Lord Shiva for showering his blessings on all devotees
present there and acknowledge the seva by Gavkari Mandali Yervada and all the volunteers
present there.
Overall, the Mahashivratri celebrations at Tarkeshwar Mahamandir were a testament to the
unity and devotion of people towards Lord Shiva, and the efforts of Honourable Shailesh
Rajguru Ji, the Honourable President of Gavkari Mandali Shri Subhash Rajguru Ji, and the
entire team of management and volunteers played a crucial role in making the festival a
grand success. The arrangements made for the festival were truly outstanding and
appreciated by all.
Shri Shailesh Rajguru Ji and Shri Subhash Rajguru Ji, the Honourable President of
Gavkari Mandali, Shri Rupesh Gholap, Shri Sachin Rajguru, Shri Mayur Rajguru
played a key role in the successful management and execution of the Mahashivratri
festival at the Tarkeshwar Mahamandir. Their efforts and dedication towards the temple’s
upkeep and the organisation of the event were truly commendable, and their leadership was
a driving force in ensuring that the festival was a grand success.
Moreover, the grand welcome and felicitation of Shriguru Majid Paithankar at the
Tarkeshwar Mahamandir was a highlight of the event. The dedication and devotion of the
entire team of management and volunteers towards the success of the festival were truly
praiseworthy. Their hard work, attention to detail, and passion for the event made it a truly
memorable and divine experience for all who attended.
In conclusion, the Mahashivratri celebrations at the Tarkeshwar Mahamandir were a
testament to the dedication and devotion of the people towards Lord Shiva. This special
night of universe was undoubtedly a great memorable experience for all blessed
Devotees of lord Shankar with the presence of His Holiness Shriguru Majid Paithankar
and Shriguru’s blessings.

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