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Fatal Accident: Elderly Man Killed by Speeding Audi in Noida

Tragedy struck in Noida Sector 53 on Sunday morning as a 64-year-old man, Janak Dev Shah, lost his life after being hit by a speeding car. The vehicle, identified as a high-end Audi, struck Shah while he was on his way to buy milk near Kanchanjunga market.

Karnataka Agrees to Pay ₹80 Lakh Hotel Bill for PM Modi’s Mysuru Stay

Karnataka Forest Minister Eshwar Khandre announced that the state government will cover the hospitality expenses incurred during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Mysuru in April last year. The bill, totaling up to ₹80 lakh, was for the prime minister's stay during the commemoration of 50 years of Project Tiger.

Art Spectra 2024 Inaugurated at AIFACS, Delhi.

Art Spectra 2024, an eagerly anticipated art exhibition, was inaugurated yesterday at 6 PM at the prestigious All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS), Parliament Street, Delhi. The exhibition, which will be on view until 30th May 2024, is open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Musician-Singer Brijesh Mevada on Hardships in Life & How Music Worked As a Healing Factor

BrandspotMusician-Singer Brijesh Mevada on Hardships in Life & How Music Worked As a Healing Factor

Brijesh Mevada

When we talk about the creativity and skills sectors, the first industry that strikes our mind is the music industry. Music industry is blessed with some great personalities, whose music skills has set a huge benchmark of creative work and entertained millions of audiences with their music craft. When we glance today’s era of music industry, some young individuals have shown the incredible art of music and has bought effective change by collaborating their music skills with innovative technology, digital and social platform. These all domains have efficiently helped these young talents to explore globally by connecting to billions of people.

Meet one such rising star of the music world who has established his own unique place in the industry and in massive people’s heal with his pro music craft — Brijesh Mevada. The young talent of music world has enthralled the industry and listeners with his unique music creations. Brijesh always dreamt of establishing himself in the music industry. For which he polished his talent to master his art and skills.

Brijesh Mevada believes that just like in every other field, the advent and existence of internet applications have hit the musical world like a truck. He also considers that music apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, Saavn, etc. are not only loved by listeners but also admired by singers or artists.

Brijesh Mevada says. “There was a time when television, cassettes and CDs were the only ways to let the audience know about your songs. But thanks to technological advancements, apps like YouTube, YouTube Music. Jio Saavn, Spotify and so many other music applications have emerged. Now, these apps do great promotions for every singer who is worth their salt. The most amazing part is that they have great reach. Like insane!”

The singer also talks about the rising music creators’ applications like Smule or Karaoke. Speaking of which, Brijesh Mevada says. “These applications are doing a commendable job of assisting budding artists to create their pieces of art. With their stunning technology, a novice singer can bolster rigorously.”

Breathing in the music industry for years, the singer has gained an immense understanding of its evolution and growth. As a listener, we are always directed to opt for these apps, picking our favourite song and grooving to it. But, for an artist like singer Brijesh Mevada. It means much more than just a music application.

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