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Delhi LG Orders Corruption Probe After Hospital Fire Tragedy, AAP Yet to Respond

The aftermath of the tragic fire incident at a Delhi children's hospital has sparked controversy and administrative action. Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has taken a swipe at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, ordering an anti-corruption probe into possible lapses in registration and regulatory management of private nursing homes in the city.

The Multifaceted Journey of Deepanshu Menaria: Actor, Model, and Advocate.

Deepanshu Menaria is a name that resonates with charm, creativity, and versatility. Born on December 6, 2000, in Kota, Rajasthan, and raised in the serene town of Rawatbhata, Deepanshu's journey is a testament to his multifaceted talent and relentless drive. At just 24 years old, he has already made significant strides as an actor, model, and advocate in the Bombay High Court.

Karnataka Home Minister Responds to Prajwal Revanna’s Video, Says SIT Will Decide on Arrest in Sex Scandal

Karnataka's political landscape has been abuzz with the unfolding saga surrounding JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna and the sex scandal allegations against him. The state's Home Minister, Dr G Parameshwara, recently addressed the media regarding the potential arrest of Prajwal Revanna upon his return to India, following a video release hinting at his appearance before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on May 31.

“MLA Rivaba Jadeja Voices Concerns to BJP Colleagues, Advising Respectful Behavior”

Latest news"MLA Rivaba Jadeja Voices Concerns to BJP Colleagues, Advising Respectful Behavior"
Verbal Clash Erupts: Gujarat BJP MLA Rivaba Jadeja Rebukes Colleagues Over Soldier Tribute

In an unexpected turn of events, a heated exchange transpired between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) colleagues, Gujarat MLA Rivaba Jadeja and MP Poonamben Maadam, during a public event in Jamnagar. The disagreement stemmed from a dispute regarding the ‘use of slippers’ while paying respects to fallen soldiers. The situation escalated to the point where Rivaba Jadeja, also the wife of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, reportedly reprimanded her colleagues and urged them to ‘stay in limits’. The incident, captured on video, swiftly made rounds on social media platforms.

At the event held in Jamnagar, Gujarat, MLA Rivaba Jadeja and MP Poonamben Maadam engaged in a verbal spat that revolved around the protocol for paying homage to fallen soldiers. The dispute particularly centered on whether it was appropriate to remove one’s slippers during the tribute. The disagreement took an intense turn as the three BJP colleagues confronted one another over this matter, even during a scheduled photo session.

The confrontation, which involved two prominent women leaders of the BJP, caught the attention of attendees and onlookers. In a widely circulated video, Rivaba Jadeja was seen expressing her discontent with her colleagues’ comments about her decision to remove her slippers while paying respects. The tension escalated to the extent that Rivaba Jadeja admonished MP Poonamben Maadam and Jamnagar Mayor Binaben Kothari to ‘stay in limits’, implying a breach of decorum.

Following the incident, MLA Rivaba Jadeja addressed the media to provide her perspective on the altercation. She explained that the disagreement arose when MP Poonamben Maadam allegedly labeled her as ‘over smart’ for removing her slippers during the tribute. Rivaba Jadeja expressed her discomfort with the comment, stating that she spoke out of self-respect to address the perceived slight.

Rivaba Jadeja, who joined the BJP in 2019, secured her position as an MLA in the previous assembly election. In contrast, Poonamben Maadam has been serving as an MP from the Jamnagar constituency since 2014. The clash between these two prominent BJP members highlights underlying tensions within the party and underscores the importance of maintaining decorum and unity among its members.

As the video of this altercation gains traction on social media, political observers and party supporters are closely watching to see how the BJP addresses and manages this internal conflict while also ensuring that such incidents do not overshadow the party’s goals and public image.

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