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Dj Abi : Spiralling his way to the top in the music industry

DJs are performers and entertainers at the same time. A DJ's career cannot be complete without networking. There is nothing more satisfying than listening to music, and DJ Abi leads the pack when it comes to electrifying musical performances. There is no one else who can better shape and mix the already well-known songs into even finer tunes. DJ Abi is known for reworking amazing songs in different styles. DJ Abi loves to experiment and his experiments have great results.

India’s First Microbiome-Friendly Vegan Skincare Brand – VauriiC

Vegan Skincare has seen a tremendous boom in recent years. However, when it comes to finding 100% Vegan skincare brands, they are few and far between. A number of Indian Skincare brands falsely claim to be 100% Vegan but we have found a hidden gem called VauriiC which is India's first Microbiome friendly 100% Vegan Skincare brand. So let’s hear the story of this Delhi based 1 year old D2C Skincare Startup. VauriiC was launched in 2022 by Mr. Raghav Mittal who graduated from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom in MSc Marketing and strategy.

Among budding musicians, Ambar Desai sets a high standard.

Ambar Desai is an Indian artist born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on the 9th of July 1991.In Hindustani semi-classical music, he has been trained by Shri Kuldeep Singh ji and Shri Harpreet Singh ji. He is an acclaimed vocalist, performer, composer, and has many accolades to his name. In addition to appearing on famous music shows like "Coke Studio" with the famous Mr. Kailash Kher ji & Salim Suleiman, he is the winner of "Jo Jeeta wohi Superstar - Dahisar."It is well known that he is one of the faces of Gujrati Dandiya Rass named "Rass Rang, Thane" and has done over 2000 live shows with bands like Naitik Nagda, Bhoomi Trivedi, Falguni Pathak, and Meenal Jain.

It’s the Era of Digital Invitations, Save Time & Money with Founder Shekhar Jain

UncategorizedIt’s the Era of Digital Invitations, Save Time & Money with Founder Shekhar Jain

Human beings have always replaced society with small cliques based on their traditional customs and living style. They have always gathered for ceremonies and festivals. Traditionally, paper cards were sent to the celebrants’ relatives, friends, and acquaintances to invite them to their celebration. After the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, human lives have transformed into a digital revolution, which has become a pertinent factor in one’s life. Now smart people are using digital invitations for every event. Now wedding cards, birthday cards, and corporate and home entry invitations are sent electronically. Instead of paper cards, digital invitations are easy, trending, and cost-saving.

What is Digital Invitation?

A digital invitation is a type of paperless invitation, an electronic form beautifully and creatively custom designed. Just as it becomes a difficult task to invite with a physical paper invitation, on the contrary, things get simpler by using digital invitation. There, one can always invite plenty of people with just one click. In this way, we can save manpower and money. It makes it easier to look after things and guests.

Digital invitations can be sent via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging applications such as email, SMS, and others. A digital invitation can be an image, PDF, Gif, video, web format, or a single word structure. Its advantage is that it makes caring for things and guests easier.

Significance of Digital Invitation

People are learning to use technology in this changing era, making it a vital part of their lives. I have witnessed the relevance of E-invitation as changes have occurred in this modern era. Emerging technology has made people’s work conventionally, and its use cannot be limited. Similarly, we can save the environment from pollution in many ways by using digital cards. On the other hand, we must protect our “mother nature” for future generations. Physical paper invitation cards require paper, which is obtained by cutting down thousands of trees and printing on the card. The use of ink also causes water pollution and land pollution. By making online digital invitations, we will save the environment and natural resources.

Advantages of Digital Invitation
The digital invitation itself is oozing and alluring. The wedding card is enumerated according to the preference and can be invited via digital invitations. You can invite everyone by making one type of card on it. The cost of it is cheaper, and there will be no scope for discrimination.

Even if you view it years later, a digital invitation card is never distorted. It will remain the same as it was at the start. On the other hand, the paper card will expire in a few years. Furthermore, if an E-invitation is used, the data can be recovered at any moment. Once guest lists are made, they can be used again and edited or added together.

You can customize and deliver Digital Invitations easily and accurately. For example, by including a Google map location and a calendar link in the E-invitation, you may point them in the appropriate Google map direction, so they don’t have trouble finding a venue; this isn’t possible with traditional cards.

With a Digital Invitation, the guest receives an immediate response as soon as they are invited, making the event run smoothly. This modus operandi can help you structure your functions more efficiently. You can organize a hassle-free party.

Updating the breeze is one of the perks of digital cards. As a result, the invitees will have no difficulty attending the event that will take place shortly.

The E-invitation is the game-changer in this emerging digital platform. The new modifications are beneficial not only in terms of saving money and time but also in terms of providing a taste of mental serenity.

Trusted Online Invitation Card Maker
After picking up, the pace of digital platforms, pseudo-websites have also occurred. Surprisingly, this makes it more difficult to trust or rely on the digital platform. But, powered by PACEWALK, is a reliable and trustworthy digital platform where you can trust and express how you want your invitation card to be designed. We believe in making error-free digital invitation cards with utmost sincerity. Our expert and creative design team has a lot of expertise and has learned to prioritize the authentic, unique, and completely personalized E-Invitation card. You can opt for any catalog or theme or opine us with your very distinct idea of the card to be visual; you won’t feel remorse.

How to make an E-invitation Card?
Say Goodbye to a traditional method of invitation card (Paper card). Grueling with the emerging technology era needs to be sophisticated not only in education but with tradition too. Here’s a new way to get an invitation card – from weddings to baby showering, birthdays to anniversaries, cultural events to a cocktail parties, and many more; all be possible with E-invitation cards. From PDF to Gif, adding your picture, caricature, or fun cartoon vector to fancy and cultural taste to the card as per your themes, we say YES to an extensive range of ideas on Our professionally designed, crafted templates will gratify your senses. Our experts have scores of ideas to create, insert fancy templates to text, layouts to themes to make a card from simple to elegant, adding a mood to the card such as vintage to vogue. We believe in #catch the best.

I am pleased to inform you that is a digital invitation maker website that offers digital invitation cards & videos for all events in any language, specializing in Wedding Invitation videos and Ecards. By visiting this website, you can obtain attractive E-invitation cards for a very low cost within a few hours. I also believe that in this digital-driven era in which people still waste their time and money by fleeing here, there must adopt new ways. By alleviating paper cards, things can be made easier and simpler by employing a smart strategy, which is only possible using new technology and online platforms.
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