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Who are some of the notable individuals and organizations Mikki Koomar has collaborated with, and what are the key highlights of these collaborations?

Mikki Koomar is a multifaceted international personality hailing from Mumbai, India, known for his diverse talents as a model, actor, producer, entrepreneur, martial artist, and philanthropist. With a soaring presence on the global platform, Mikki has garnered recognition for his achievements in various fields, including martial arts, entertainment, and business. Notable accomplishments include winning national and international karate championships, being crowned Indian Male Model 2013, and founding international humanitarian organizations. Additionally, Mikki has been appointed to prestigious honorary positions and has represented India globally, leaving an indelible mark in diverse industries and communities.

IPS Officer Criticized for Alleged “Khalistani” Remark Amidst Political Tensions in West Bengal

Tensions escalated in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district as an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Jaspreet Singh, found himself embroiled in a heated exchange with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislators on Tuesday. The confrontation reportedly erupted when Singh prevented BJP lawmakers, including prominent figure Suvendu Adhikari, from accessing troubled areas of Sandeshkhali.

“IndiGo Flight Shakes in Bad Weather on Delhi-Srinagar Route, But Lands Safely”

An IndiGo flight bound from Delhi to Srinagar recently faced turbulent weather conditions, causing distress among passengers. The incident, which occurred on February 19, gained attention after a video capturing the ordeal circulated widely on social media platforms.

Eagle Solutions – making their fortunes in cybersecurity via securing payment gateways by VK.PRADIP & G.Premkumar

BrandspotEagle Solutions - making their fortunes in cybersecurity via securing payment gateways by VK.PRADIP & G.Premkumar

Gradually, as this technological world is advancing and ameliorating, the threat of cybercrime is soaring rapidly. In 2021, cybercrime cost the world $6 trillion. By 2025, these costs will increase to $10.5 trillion. Cybercrime is an increasingly serious problem, and to address it, strong cybersecurity is critical.

Eagle solutions, is one such auspicious, compassionate and promising Cybersecurity company, who with their acute specialization and inclusive approach, ensures stable and reliable security of their customers. Primarily, Eagle Solutions secure the payment gateways of major and prestigious MNC companies. Payment gateways built by Eagle Solutions make use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect sensitive customer information. This standard security protocol establishes an encrypted channel to allow for the safe transfer of private data over public channels, such as between a web server and a browser.

One of the primary reasons behind the Company’s tremendous success is Pradip VK, cofounder of Eagle Solutions. Being a college dropout, Pradip always understood the importance of cybersecurity and the threats cybercrime is posing. This 24 years old entrepreneur, completed his BBM recently. 

Another cofounder, Prem Kumar G, is also a collage dropout from prestigious SRM University. Being an engineering student, Prem understands all basic security loopholes and bugs and hence his distinct understanding is bringing massive fortunes to the company. Both the Cofounders are good friends which clearly complements the company’s success and both belongs to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

Visibility is key to protecting any business against the menace of advanced cyberattacks. As systems, tools, and applications are scattered in a hybrid environment—cloud and on-premises—security operations teams often struggle with threat detection and response. With Eagle Solutions’ trusted expertise, harness the power of analytics and other emerging technologies to detect, triage, investigate and respond to advanced cyber threats before they impact your business. Eagle Solutions emphasize on data-centric solution that enables security and compliance teams to quickly and easily secure sensitive data, no matter where it resides with an integrated, proactive approach to visibility and predictive analytics.

Eagle Solutions Security Operations and Response Services help their customers to leverage AI-powered threat detection and incident response to eliminate false positives, focus on threats that matter, and improve response times. Currently, Eagle Solutions is working with 15 to 18 MNCs and aims to expand further. Commercializing the turnover of 20 crores, Eagle Solutions is strengthening globally.

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