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“One Terrorist Neutralized in Anti-Infiltration Operation Along LoC in J&K’s Uri Sector”

In a significant development, the Indian Army announced the successful neutralization of one terrorist in an ongoing anti-infiltration operation codenamed 'Bajrang' in the Uri Sector along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. The operation, initiated on June 22 based on specific intelligence inputs, continues as security forces maintain vigilance in the region.

“Maoists Caught Printing Fake Money for Local Markets in Chhattisgarh Operation”

In a significant development in the ongoing anti-Maoist operations in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district, security forces have uncovered a startling find that could have far-reaching implications for the local economy. For the first time, equipment used to print fake currency has been discovered in Maoist camps, indicating a shift in tactics by the rebels to address their cash flow challenges.

“Key Figure in Burger King Honey-Trap Case, Dubbed ‘Lady Don’, Spotted at Rail Station”

In a significant development linked to the shooting incident at a Burger King outlet in Delhi, Anu, also known as "Lady Don" among her gang members, was spotted at the Katra railway station carrying her luggage. The security camera footage captured her with a scarf covering her face as she moved through the station.

Delhi Government Asks Supreme Court for Help During Heatwave Water Shortage

Latest newsDelhi Government Asks Supreme Court for Help During Heatwave Water Shortage
Delhi Government Seeks Supreme Court Intervention Amid Severe Water Crisis During Heatwave

The Delhi government has approached the Centre and the Supreme Court to request additional water supplies from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh due to a severe water shortage in the national capital. This crisis coincides with Delhi’s temperature nearing the 50 degrees Celsius mark.

In its petition to the Supreme Court, the Delhi government emphasized the increased need for water due to the extreme heat. “Delhi’s need for water has increased in the scorching heat. It is everyone’s responsibility to fulfill the needs of the country’s capital,” the petition stated.

Delhi Minister Atishi also addressed the Centre, claiming that Haryana has not been releasing the required amount of water. “Delhi is heavily dependent on water from the Yamuna river for its day-to-day demand for water. However, since the last few days, there has been a drastic dip in the water levels at the Wazirabad Barrage as Haryana is not releasing the required amount of water in the Yamuna river,” Atishi wrote to Union Water Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. She also highlighted that the soaring temperatures have further intensified the demand for water.

The water shortage has severely impacted several areas in Delhi, including Sanjay Camp in Chanakyapuri and Geeta Colony. Residents are enduring long waits in intense heat, hoping to fill at least one bucket from water tankers that often fail to meet the demand.

The current water crisis comes as Delhi’s maximum temperature approaches 50 degrees Celsius, with the minimum temperature at nearly 30 degrees Celsius, 2.8 degrees above normal. The weather office has predicted that heatwave conditions will persist for the next few days, advising people to minimize heat exposure and stay hydrated.

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