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“Crematorium Wall Collapse in Gurugram Claims Lives of 11-Year-Old Girl and Three Others, Confirm Police”

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a devastating incident unfolded in Gurugram as a wall of a crematorium in the Arjun Nagar area collapsed, resulting in the loss of four lives, including that of an 11-year-old girl named Tanya. The tragic incident occurred when the wall facing Arjun Nagar crumbled, trapping four individuals and two children under its debris.

“BJP’s Moradabad Candidate Sarvesh Singh Passes Away After UP Polls”

In a tragic turn of events, Sarvesh Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) candidate from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, passed away a day after the constituency went to polls in the first phase of the general elections. Sarvesh Singh, a seasoned politician with a five-time MLA and one-time MP record, was 72 years old and had been undergoing treatment for an illness at a Delhi hospital.

“Vineeta Singh, Sugar CEO and Shark Tank Judge, Responds to False Death and Arrest Rumors: ‘Toughest Challenge is…”

Vineeta Singh, the CEO of Sugar and a judge on Shark Tank, recently addressed false rumors circulating on social media regarding her death and arrest. In a post on a social media platform, Singh expressed frustration over the spread of misinformation and clarified that none of the reports about her arrest or demise were true.

“BSP MP Joins BJP After Lunch with PM Modi”

Latest news"BSP MP Joins BJP After Lunch with PM Modi"

In a significant political development ahead of the general elections, Lok Sabha MP Ritesh Pandey has resigned from the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Pandey, who represents the Ambedkar Nagar parliamentary seat in Uttar Pradesh, announced his decision to switch parties, citing inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a developed India.

The 42-year-old MP, whose father Rakesh Pandey is a Samajwadi Party MLA in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, expressed his admiration for Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and stated his commitment to working towards the nation’s progress under the BJP banner.

In his resignation letter addressed to BSP chief Mayawati, Pandey acknowledged the party’s support and guidance throughout his political journey but highlighted his growing disillusionment with the lack of inclusion in party meetings and leadership discussions. He lamented the absence of opportunities to contribute effectively and concluded that the party no longer required his services, leading to his decision to resign from the BSP.

Sources suggest that Pandey had been in contact with BJP national general secretary Sunil Bansal prior to his resignation, with reports indicating that the BJP has offered him a ticket to contest from his current constituency.

Following Pandey’s resignation, Mayawati took to social media to emphasize the BSP’s dedication to the principles of anti-Dalit icon BR Ambedkar and its distinct ideology and approach towards candidate selection. While refraining from directly addressing Pandey’s allegations, Mayawati hinted at the necessity for MPs to prioritize the welfare of their constituents and adhere to party directives.

Pandey’s departure from the BSP comes shortly after he, along with other opposition MPs, attended a lunch meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Parliament canteen. The MP had shared images from the meeting, expressing gratitude for the insightful discussion with the Prime Minister on various topics, including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A graduate of the European Business School in London, Pandey has been an active parliamentarian since his election in 2019, advocating for his party’s stance on diverse issues. His decision to switch parties underscores the fluidity of political alliances and the strategic considerations at play in the run-up to elections.

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