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MY CANCER STORE “Most Economic & Trusted Store for Cancer & Critical Care Medicine in Saurashtra”.

My Cancer Store has been recognized by Saurashtra Healthcare Awards 2022 as the "Most Economic & Trusted Store for Cancer & Critical Care Medicine in Saurashtra" organized by Divyabhashkar News, The award was given by Government of Gujarat Minister  Mr  Brijesh Merja Established by Gaurang Khirsaria, Dr.Priya Kansagra, and  Brijesh Khirsaria.

DJ king RJ Rizvi releases WE DESI, his own DJ band 

RJ Rizvi is one such amazing artist. RJ Rizvi has 10 years of experience and an energizing performance on stage 3000+ times in a variety of award shows and events, lighting up other amazing personalities. He also has the intelligence to play with words and the presence of mind to win over everyone. He energizes not only the audience but also the stage with his never-ending entertainment, interpersonal abilities, and command of both the front and backstage, all the while setting a sure fire in the audience.

Sayed Arbaz Shah- a Pioneer in the field of Digital Marketing

The 21-year-old digital marketer Mr. Sayed Arbaz Shah from Jammu and Kashmir can help you grow your business beyond your wildest Expectations. Dedicated to helping struggling entrepreneurs use digital marketing to grow and create their businesses, he has made it his mission.

Books to Read this Independence Day 2022

BrandspotBooks to Read this Independence Day 2022

“Liberty, once tasted, is an incurable addiction.”

– Richelle E. Goodrich

The spirit of freedom is at the core of every democratic nation – it helps citizens exercise their rights and perform their duties with patriotism and zeal.

Liberty is indeed an addiction; so is the habit of reading. Here are some of the choicest books to read while you celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day. Come together as a nation and arm yourself with knowledge.

1) Alive! Lifestyle Changes to Age-Proof Your Mind and Body by Rachna Chhachhi

(Genre: Non-Fiction Self Help | Format: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook | MRP: 399rs | Publisher: HarperCollins | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

A very important book in this world still grappling with the effects of Covid-19!

‘Alive!’ offers four steps to a better lifestyle overall:

1. Eliminate what harms you

2. Imbibe what heals you

3. Discover your mind-body balance

4. Nurture your healing lifestyle

Read on to know how an integrated approach promotes your good health!

2) Episodic Poetry by Nishant Gang

(Genre: Poetry | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 120rs | Publisher: Notion Press | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

Poetry of the binge-reading kind, with the reader being the subject, Episodic Poetry offers 49 poems and 1 message to change the way one feels about emotions.

3) The Angels of Kailash by Shubira Prasad

(Genre: Fiction Mytho-Fantasy | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 395rs | Publisher: Vitasta Publishing | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

A sequel to Demons of Jaitraya, this book follows the journey of Aishani and Adheesh as they battle their nemesis after the total annihilation of their ‘School of Warfare,’ the destruction of their Gurukul, and the murder of their beloved Guruji. With the help of Garuda Devta and travelling 2 years into the past, they are tasked with nursing 20 undead people back to life in the epic battle against demons. Angels of Kailash is the second book of this trilogy.

4) The Art of Healing by Sanhita Baruah

(Genre: Poetry & Notes | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 149rs | Publisher: Notion Press | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

How do you heal? With Awareness, Acceptance, and Allowance. It is important to heal from the past so the future is untainted.  Make a conscious choice to heal with efforts, patience, trust, and time. A journey that makes your life easier, aided by this wonderful book that captures the phases of healing via poems and notes.

5) I to Infinity by Bhupendra Suri

(Genre: Non-Fiction Self Help | Format: Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle | MRP: 299rs | Publisher: Notion Press | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

With one simple notion: you are what you create and experience – this book explores the concept of manifesting your reality and creates a paradigm shift in your understanding of reality. It offers a practical solution – a step-by-step guide to questioning your assumptions and preconceived notions and creating a meaningful, joyful life via self-discovery.

6) Sunrise Beyond the Dead End by Anushree Painuly

(Genre: Fiction Self-Help | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 145rs | Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

A dead-end in life is just an illusion asking you to introspect and look into yourself for the light to lead you onwards.

The protagonist of this book, Sharan, embarks on an undecided, unknown journey and encounters his ‘Panch-mahabhuta’, his five teachers who change his life forever. Five ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Set in the picturesque landscapes of Himachal, this story will show readers to value the simple joys of life and change every illusionary dead-end into a new dawn.

7) Droplets by Anushka Kapse

(Genre: Non-Fiction Self Help | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 275rs | Publisher: Eternal You | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

Philosophy should not be complicated. Spirituality can be shown by examples! And inner peace should be attainable with a simple process.

This book explores the ways to increase your self-awareness, speed up your spiritual journey and open up your connection with a higher dimension with 18 chapters that are based on examples and trigger your thoughts in the right direction.

8) Ruins by Suvrahadip Ghosh

(Genre: Poetry | Format: Paperback, Kindle | MRP: 179rs | Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers | Available: Amazon, Flipkart)

Poetry is the best way to explore the concepts of love, life, and death. And when it gives hope to those who are broken, the words hold healing power. This book explores the different kinds of heartache and gives the reader the hope to come through it all stronger.

You may be broken, but you’re beautiful. And most importantly, deserving of love again, no matter your experiences or disappointments.

  • Written by Dhivya Balaji on behalf of My Secret Bookshelf. My Secret Bookshelf is an online bookstore that offers best deals on contemporary literature by Indian authors.

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