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Five ways in which Blockchain can help you to scale your company.

With over 5 years now in block chain (as of 2023), we have worked for various categories of clients with very different objectives. We get excited by the amazing creative business solutions as shared by our clients and work towards making their dreams a success - guiding them with the right approach on how blockchain technology can be leveraged in their business. Know more about The Block chain Team from here:

Ritik Kumar is a YouTuber, photographer, and musician who inspires many with his multifaceted personality.

Ritik Kumar was born on 24 march 2002 in Sahebganj, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, he did his early education in his village, and then he started his career as a photographer and later joined social media .His father, Narayan Shah, is a businessman. As for his mother, she is a housewife named Gayatree Devi. He is an Indian YouTube Personality and Blogger from India. Besides providing the latest tech news and YouTube tutorials, Ritik Kumar is also a world record holder, an Indian famous musical artist, a podcaster and a world record holder. He has a YouTube channel called Ritik Kumar. We live in a culture where music plays a significant role in our daily lives. Music is liked by most people, but some people love it. Nevertheless, a very charming and talented boy named Ritik Kumar aspires to be a good musician. The music he created was his own. His favorite thing to do is to go to stores and check out the latest equipment. At a young age, I learned responsibility, time management, and how to interact with others more effectively. He also spend countless hours perfecting his instrument, so he can sound brilliant on stage.

Meet the expert consultant on social media and cybersecurity-Kumar Udayan Baishya

As one of India's leading technology personalities, Udayan Baishya has earned wide attention for his hard work and passion. Udayan has earned a reputation as one of the prominent cybersecurity experts with a background in software engineering. Owing to his interest and passion, Udayan starting digging more into the subject until he developed immense knowledge and started noticing various flaws in renowned companies pertaining to CYBERSECURITY.

All fans are crazy about Kanha Mishra’s lifestyle and fashion

BrandspotAll fans are crazy about Kanha Mishra's lifestyle and fashion

Kanha Mishra is Actor of Indian Cinemas (Bollywood) who has made it from a village in Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai.

He was born on September 1, 2002. His father is Kamta Prasad Mishra and his mother is Arti Mishra. He has always been interested in acting and he dreams of becoming an actor like Shah Rukh Khan.

During his time in college, Kanha was not able to work in this field due to his family’s background. Through social media, he met the popular actor and YouTube personality Avinash Tiwari. They started getting along well and soon became friends. This led to Kanha’s film journey.

After leaving Rewa district, Avinash and Kanha made it to the city of film and glamour Mumbai. There, they were tested by the locals and eventually accepted by the city. People started giving them various examples of how they have managed to break their film career and get a break from it. After around seven months, they got a break and signed the first film of their career, which was a big film and then they started working on a webseries.

The shooting of Kanha’s film started after she shared this news with her fans on social media. Her popularity then increased at a fast pace. She has gained a huge following on various short video platforms such as Josh App.

People are constantly following Kanha Mishra on social media as she is seen drinking tea with a prominent Bollywood actor. Even if she doesn’t post a photo with the actor, her status updates and other social media activities become a trending topic. Many of her upcoming projects are being filmed in different cities such as Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kolkata. She also became a role model for the younger generation.

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