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“Delhi Court Sets June 19 for Hearing CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Bail Plea in Excise Policy Case”

A Delhi court has scheduled June 19 for the hearing of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's bail plea in the money laundering case linked to an alleged excise scam, as reported by PTI.

“Acropolis Mall in Kolkata Engulfed in Major Fire, Multiple Fire Engines Rushed to Scene”

A significant fire broke out at the Acropolis Mall in Kolkata on Friday, leading to a swift response from multiple fire engines to combat the blaze. Reports indicate that the fire originated on the third floor of the shopping mall, situated in the southern part of Kolkata, necessitating the evacuation of the premises.

“Protests in Vadodara Society Over Flat Allotment to Muslim Woman Under Government Scheme: Report”

The 44-year-old woman, employed with an arm of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Skill Development, was allotted the flat in a low-income group housing complex back in 2017. However, even before she could move in, more than 30 residents of the housing complex raised objections to the district collector and other authorities. They expressed concerns about the allotment to a 'Muslim' individual and cited potential "threat and nuisance."

“6 Arrested in Manipur for Meitei Couple’s Murder Amidst Fresh Unrest; CM Vows Capital Punishment”

Latest news"6 Arrested in Manipur for Meitei Couple's Murder Amidst Fresh Unrest; CM Vows Capital Punishment"
6 Arrested in Manipur for Murder of Meitei Couple Amidst Fresh Violence; CM Assures Capital Punishment

In a significant breakthrough in the investigation surrounding the murder of a Meitei couple during the Kuki versus Meitei violence in Manipur, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Manipur Police jointly apprehended six individuals, including two minors. The brutal killing of the young lovers had stirred fresh unrest in the northeastern state.

The victims, a 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man, were hacked to death while they were attempting to flee amid the violence that had gripped Manipur. The incident had initially gone under the radar due to an internet ban in the region. However, a recently surfaced photo of the victims rekindled outrage and brought the case back into the spotlight.

The ill-fated couple had eloped on July 6, seeking refuge from the escalating violence. Tragically, they found themselves trapped in a Kuki area, where they met a gruesome fate. The internet ban, in effect at the time, prevented the immediate dissemination of information.

Sharing the news of the arrests, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh expressed his satisfaction with the progress in the case. He stated, “I’m pleased to share that some of the main culprits responsible for the abduction and murder of Phijam Hemanjit and Hijam Linthoingambi have been arrested from Churachandpur today.”

The chief minister further emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring justice for the victims. He pledged, “As the saying goes, one may abscond after committing the crime, but they cannot escape the long hands of the law. We are committed to ensuring maximum punishment, including capital punishment, for the heinous crime they have committed.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had dispatched a Special Director of CBI and senior officers to Manipur to aid in the investigation. The successful apprehension of four suspects in Churachandpur was lauded by Chief Minister N Biren Singh, who expressed gratitude to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), CBI, and all central forces involved.

However, the recent developments reignited protests in Manipur, with a significant number of students clashing with the police. In the wake of the Meitei couple’s murder, Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s ancestral home also came under attack. Consequently, the state government extended the suspension of mobile internet services until October 1, and schools were closed until September 29. The internet ban has since been further extended until October 6.

The tragic incident occurred on July 6, approximately two months after violence had erupted in Manipur in May. The couple, in their desperate attempt to escape the turmoil, was abducted by armed Kuki militants passing through their village. They were transported to an undisclosed location and subsequently executed, as reported by the Manipur Police.

The police report also indicated that a group of Kuki village volunteers in Joupi village had initially requested the couple to return to their own area before their abduction.

The case continues to garner significant attention and raises questions about the broader issue of violence and communal tensions in Manipur.

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