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“Chandrababu Naidu Appeals to Supreme Court Over Alleged Corruption Case and Police Custody”

Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has approached the Supreme Court seeking relief after the Andhra Pradesh High Court dismissed his request and sent him to two days of police custody in an alleged corruption case related to AP Skill Development.

“PM Modi Lays Foundation for Varanasi Cricket Stadium Set to Seat Over 30,000”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays the foundation stone of an international cricket stadium in Varanasi, marking a significant step in the development of cricket infrastructure in India. The collaboration between the Uttar Pradesh government and the BCCI aims to create a state-of-the-art facility, set to be completed by December 2025.

“From Dentist to Tarot Reader: A Journey of Healing and Guidance”

In a fascinating journey that spans across two vastly different professions, this story unfolds to reveal the remarkable transformation of a dedicated dentist into a passionate Tarot reader, whose psychic abilities have touched the lives of over 200 clients.

Water Leaks in AC Coach of Avantika Express Spark Criticism of Indian Railways’ Maintenance Standards

Latest newsWater Leaks in AC Coach of Avantika Express Spark Criticism of Indian Railways' Maintenance Standards

In a recent incident that has garnered widespread attention, a video showing water leaking from the roof of an air-conditioned (AC) coach on the Avantika Express has triggered a wave of criticism towards Indian Railways. The footage, shared by a concerned passenger, highlights the dismal condition of the coach during rainfall, raising questions about the maintenance standards of the national railway system.

The leaky roof video quickly caught the attention of social media users, who were quick to express their discontent with the situation. The Congress party reshared the video, taking a dig at the government’s alleged focus on empty propaganda rather than improving the railways. Netta D’Souza, acting president of Mahila Congress, also took to Twitter to question the responsible party for the sorry state of the Indian Railways.

Mocking the situation, some Twitter users sarcastically suggested that the Indian Railways had introduced a new “open shower facility” in its coaches. The sarcastic comments extended to discussions about providing shower gel, shampoo, and bathrobes to passengers on these trains. The frustration was evident as another user called for a refund of the premium fares paid by passengers in the affected coach and lamented the declining quality of railway services.

In response to the public outcry, the Western Railway swiftly addressed the issue by promptly attending to the problem and conducting thorough checks on all coaches of the Avantika Express. They assured passengers that the train had commenced its return journey without any further issues. The Western Railway emphasized that passenger convenience is of utmost priority, and they strive to resolve any grievances promptly.

This incident adds fuel to the ongoing criticism faced by Indian Railways, with complaints about train delays and overcrowded coaches becoming increasingly common. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP government, accusing them of destroying the previously well-functioning train fleet. Kejriwal highlighted the worsening conditions of AC and sleeper coaches, claiming that passengers with allotted berths no longer have adequate space to sit or sleep. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) also condemned the situation, stating that train coaches have turned into “torture centers” for passengers.

As passengers continue to voice their concerns over deteriorating service quality, it remains crucial for Indian Railways to address these issues promptly and comprehensively. The leaking roof incident serves as a reminder that a strong emphasis on regular maintenance, upgradation, and passenger comfort is necessary to restore the faith of the traveling public in one of the country’s most vital transportation systems.

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