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Kiacart has helped brands Rashi Cables VENUS Detra Store Indian Abacus JKYog Kalims Areta Salon Maanya Arora Mera Market Collabot.

Brands are increasingly using WhatsApp API to sell and build stronger customer relationship. Kiacart supporting well-known brands such as Rashi Cables VENUS Detra Store Indian Abacus JKYog Kalims Areta Salon Maanya Arora Mera Market Collabot Shabas Guruji Tourplus Holidays Vijaylaxmi Bullion Research In and Out K.V Suzans Women & Kids KTR and more brands. During the pandemic especially there was a sudden gap in the distribution because the physical stores were not available and brands needed instant ways of engaging with their customers. Around this time WhatsApp emerged as the most effective tool and sales.

Red Alert Issued for Uttara Kannada District as Karnataka Prepares for Heavy Rainfall

Karnataka is set to experience heavy rains in the next 24 hours, with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issuing a red alert for the Uttara Kannada district until July 16. The coastal region of the state is already on high alert as authorities prepare for the impending downpour.

KP Sharma Oli Named Nepal’s Prime Minister Again

KP Sharma Oli has been appointed as Nepal's Prime Minister for the fourth time, following a deal with the Nepali Congress's Sher Bahadur Deuba to share power on a rotational basis. This appointment comes after former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as ‘Prachanda,’ lost a vote of no confidence in the House of Representatives on Friday, as reported by PTI.

Shalika Rehani Sharma is on cloud nine after being crowned as Mr. and Mrs. Bharat USA

BrandspotShalika Rehani Sharma is on cloud nine after being crowned as Mr. and Mrs. Bharat USA

Shalika Rehani Sharma

The feeling of accomplishing dreams and turning them into reality is surreal. It can only happen when you stop following people and start following your heart. In simple words, you must know how to not get bothered by naysayers and defy all the odds that come your way. Shalika Rehani Sharma is a primary example who has achieved the best in her life.

She is a digital creator and has made a successful mark in the beauty pageant industry. Born in Dehradun, Shalika always dreamt to walk the stage and participate in a beauty pageant. Little did she know that her manifestations would become real. Unfortunately, Shalika Rehani Sharma’s road to success was filled with hardships.

Since childhood, she wanted to participate in beauty pageants. However, it became difficult after her father passed away when she was 12. Since then, Shalika became the pillar of support for her family as she attained financial independence at a tender age. Her fortunes changed after she moved to the US in 2013 for work. Later in 2017, the digital creator got married to Ajay Sharma.

After her marriage, she worked hard to get back into the beauty industry. Speaking about it, she said, “It was challenging after marriage as I had responsibilities to look after the home. I feel blessed and lucky that my husband supported me in fulfilling my dream.” Shalika Rehani Sharma is the titleholder of Mrs. Bharat Florida 2022 at the State level.

In addition, she along with her husband was crowned as Mr. and Mrs. Bharat USA by Miss Universe 2022 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. “It is one of the most cherishing moments of my life. I cannot sum it up in words, but gratitude is all I have. I am thankful to my family and friends who supported me and pushed me to chase my goals”, she added.

Apart from this, Shalika Rehani Sharma was bestowed with Mrs. Dashing Diva 2022; thereby adding another glory to her cap. While concluding, Shalika stated that she wants to empower and inspire every woman to work towards their dreams. “Live life to the fullest. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. You have got one life, so make the most of it”, said Sharma.

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