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Fatal Accident: Elderly Man Killed by Speeding Audi in Noida

Tragedy struck in Noida Sector 53 on Sunday morning as a 64-year-old man, Janak Dev Shah, lost his life after being hit by a speeding car. The vehicle, identified as a high-end Audi, struck Shah while he was on his way to buy milk near Kanchanjunga market.

Karnataka Agrees to Pay ₹80 Lakh Hotel Bill for PM Modi’s Mysuru Stay

Karnataka Forest Minister Eshwar Khandre announced that the state government will cover the hospitality expenses incurred during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Mysuru in April last year. The bill, totaling up to ₹80 lakh, was for the prime minister's stay during the commemoration of 50 years of Project Tiger.

Art Spectra 2024 Inaugurated at AIFACS, Delhi.

Art Spectra 2024, an eagerly anticipated art exhibition, was inaugurated yesterday at 6 PM at the prestigious All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS), Parliament Street, Delhi. The exhibition, which will be on view until 30th May 2024, is open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM.

“Police Case Filed Against Karnataka’s Deputy CM DK Shivakumar for Election Influence Allegations”

Latest news"Police Case Filed Against Karnataka's Deputy CM DK Shivakumar for Election Influence Allegations"
DK Shivakumar Faces Police Case for "Undue Influence at Elections"

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar is embroiled in a legal controversy after a police case was registered against him for allegedly violating the model code of conduct during campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The case centers around a video where Shivakumar purportedly promised Bengaluru voters a supply of water from the Cauvery river if they voted for his brother, DK Suresh, who is contesting from Bangalore Rural.

The state Election Commissioner expressed concern over Shivakumar’s speech, citing it as a violation of the model code and a potential instance of bribery and undue influence at elections. In the video, which circulated on social media platforms, Shivakumar is heard addressing residents of a housing society in his brother’s constituency, offering to secure Cauvery river water supply in exchange for votes.

“I am here for a business meeting. You want Cauvery water and the CA site. All other issues are small. If I get these done, what will you do to me? I spoke to the commissioner about this issue. I asked what can be done. I believe in sharing and caring,” Shivakumar stated during the rally.

He further urged voters to support him, emphasizing his roles as Deputy Chief Minister, Minister for BDA, Bengaluru, and Water, highlighting his ability to address the city’s water crisis within a few months.

Bengaluru has been grappling with a severe water shortage for the past two months, relying on limited water resources from the Cauvery river and groundwater, along with recycled water from sewage treatment plants for non-drinking purposes. The current water supply falls short of the city’s daily requirement of 2,600-2,800 million litres, leading to daily challenges for residents.

The Karnataka Lok Sabha Polls are scheduled in two phases on April 26 and May 7, with results expected on June 4. The legal proceedings against DK Shivakumar underscore the heightened scrutiny and legal repercussions surrounding electoral conduct, particularly regarding promises made to voters.

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