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Massive drug seizure by Indian Navy off Gujarat coast: 3,300 kg of Meth, Charas intercepted

In a significant drug bust operation off the Gujarat coast, the Indian Navy, in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), intercepted a small ship and seized approximately 3,300 kilograms of drugs near Porbandar. This seizure marks one of the largest drug confiscations in recent times, valued at around ₹1,300 crore.

The Tata Institute Claims Success in Cancer Treatment with “Rs 100 Tablet”

The Tata Institute in Mumbai, renowned for its cancer research and treatment, has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding a new treatment method that could revolutionize cancer therapy. After a decade of dedicated research, doctors at the institute have developed a tablet that they assert can prevent the recurrence of cancer in patients, significantly reducing the side effects of conventional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.

“BJP Claims TMC Strongman in ‘Safe Custody’ of Bengal Police Amid Sandeshkhali Unre

The ongoing turmoil in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, has taken a new turn as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Suvendu Adhikari, alleged that Sheikh Shahjahan, the main accused in the violence over land disputes and sexual harassment, is now in the "safe custody" of the state police. Adhikari claimed that Shahjahan negotiated a deal with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's police force, securing luxurious treatment while in custody.

“Missing Bihar Man Found Alive in Noida, Enjoying Momos, Four Months After Presumed Dead”

Latest news"Missing Bihar Man Found Alive in Noida, Enjoying Momos, Four Months After Presumed Dead"
Bihar Man Believed to Be Dead Found Alive After 4 Months Eating Momos in  Noida

In a strange and unexpected twist of events, a man from Bihar, who had been presumed dead for several months by his family, was found alive in Noida, enjoying a plate of momos. Nishant Kumar, a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar’s Naugachia, had disappeared during a marriage function at his in-laws’ house, leading to a case being filed against his brother-in-law and father-in-law for his alleged abduction.

Nishant Kumar went missing on January 31, 2023, leaving his father, Sachidanand Singh, deeply concerned about his son’s safety. Singh firmly believed that his son had been kidnapped by his in-laws and promptly filed a case at the Sultanganj police station, accusing Ravi Shankar Singh (his brother-in-law) and Naveen Singh (his father-in-law) of abducting Kumar.

The unexpected turn of events occurred when Ravi, who was accused of being involved in Kumar’s disappearance, spotted a man with a long beard and ragged clothes engaged in an altercation with a momo stall owner in Sector 50, Noida. Touched by pity, Ravi requested the vendor to provide the beggar a plate of momos. To his astonishment, Ravi discovered that the beggar was none other than Kumar, who had gone missing months ago.

Immediately recognizing the gravity of the situation, Ravi dialed emergency services and took Kumar to the nearest police station. The Sultanganj police station was subsequently informed about the discovery. The investigation is currently underway to determine how Kumar reached Delhi and to verify the series of events that transpired. Reports suggest that Kumar will be questioned in court to provide an account of his journey to Delhi.

Meanwhile, Ravi and his family claim that they have faced harassment from Kumar’s family and are hopeful for justice. Ravi also alleged that his family had been subjected to continuous torture by Kumar’s family, resulting in the tragic passing of one of their members due to the immense stress caused by the serious allegations leveled against them.

This incident adds to a growing number of cases where family members who were lost for months and presumed dead have later reappeared or been spotted in locations far away from their home states. The circumstances surrounding Nishant Kumar’s disappearance and his subsequent discovery have left many baffled, and further investigation is required to shed light on this mysterious and unusual occurrence.

As the investigation unfolds, the truth behind Nishant Kumar’s disappearance and his eventual discovery in Noida will hopefully be revealed, providing closure to both families involved in this perplexing case.

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