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“Crematorium Wall Collapse in Gurugram Claims Lives of 11-Year-Old Girl and Three Others, Confirm Police”

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a devastating incident unfolded in Gurugram as a wall of a crematorium in the Arjun Nagar area collapsed, resulting in the loss of four lives, including that of an 11-year-old girl named Tanya. The tragic incident occurred when the wall facing Arjun Nagar crumbled, trapping four individuals and two children under its debris.

“BJP’s Moradabad Candidate Sarvesh Singh Passes Away After UP Polls”

In a tragic turn of events, Sarvesh Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) candidate from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, passed away a day after the constituency went to polls in the first phase of the general elections. Sarvesh Singh, a seasoned politician with a five-time MLA and one-time MP record, was 72 years old and had been undergoing treatment for an illness at a Delhi hospital.

“Vineeta Singh, Sugar CEO and Shark Tank Judge, Responds to False Death and Arrest Rumors: ‘Toughest Challenge is…”

Vineeta Singh, the CEO of Sugar and a judge on Shark Tank, recently addressed false rumors circulating on social media regarding her death and arrest. In a post on a social media platform, Singh expressed frustration over the spread of misinformation and clarified that none of the reports about her arrest or demise were true.

Manish Saklani: From Adversity to Achievement – A Tale of Resilience and Triumph.

BrandspotManish Saklani: From Adversity to Achievement - A Tale of Resilience and Triumph.
Image portrays Manish Saklani standing strong amidst challenges, symbolizing resilience and determination.

Life’s journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes it’s the challenges we face that mold us into the individuals we become. This is the story of a boy who defied the odds, turning a life of adversity into a tale of determination, resilience, and success. Once labeled as “dumb” by teachers and burdened by personal loss, he transformed his circumstances through hard work and an unyielding spirit.

A Rocky Start:

In his early years, Manish Saklani faced difficulties that many would find insurmountable. With the untimely demise of his father during his childhood, he was thrust into a world of responsibility and grief. To make matters more challenging, he struggled academically and became a target of mockery from teachers who labeled him as “dumb.” The weight of these circumstances could have broken anyone’s spirit, but not his

A Challenging Start:

In his early years, this young boy faced academic struggles that many might have found discouraging. Despite his best efforts, he failed to progress to the next grade level in the 12th class. While this would have been a blow to anyone’s self-esteem, he refused to be defeated by his academic setback. Rather than succumbing to the disappointment and societal pressure, he chose to redefine his journey.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity:

Defying expectations, the boy displayed remarkable resilience. Instead of allowing the label of “dumb” to define him, he made a conscious decision to focus on his strengths. He embraced every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. With unwavering determination, he overcame self-doubt and transformed his failures into motivation to prove himself.

A Humble Beginning:

To support his family and take control of his destiny, the boy took up a humble job at a local chai (tea) stall. Instead of letting his circumstances define him, he redefined his narrative. He learned the art of making good communication, honed his interpersonal skills by engaging with customers, and cultivated a strong work ethic that would serve him well in the years to come.

Rising from the Ashes:

As time passed, the boy’s dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed. He saved every penny he could, slowly amassing enough funds to fulfill his dreams. With a heart full of hope and a burning desire to succeed, he ventured into a new chapter of his life: entrepreneurship.

Seizing Opportunities:

Despite his academic difficulties, the boy remained curious and open-minded. He recognized the potential of the digital age and the opportunities it presented. His willingness to adapt and learn allowed him to secure a position at an online news portal ( Even in this new environment, he encountered challenges. However, his persistence and dedication set him apart. Over the course of a year, he honed his skills, gained experience, and made a meaningful contribution to the platform.

The Birth of an Entrepreneur:

Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from his year at the online news portal, the young man felt inspired to take control of his destiny. Harnessing his determination and entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to launch his own news portal (khabar goonj). With hard work and dedication, he turned his dream into reality, creating a platform that showcased his unique perspective and provided a platform for others to share their stories on khabar goonj

A Beacon of Inspiration:

The boy’s journey from a downtrodden student to a successful entrepreneur became an inspiring tale for many. His story resonated with those who had faced adversity and setbacks, showing them that success is not determined by academic labels or past failures, but by the will to persevere and the courage to take charge of one’s destiny.

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