Tuesday, December 5, 2023

“Zomato Addresses Incident: Hyderabad Customer Discovers Lizard in Biryani”

A disturbing incident unfolded in Hyderabad when Vishwa Aditya, a resident of Amberpet, ordered chicken biryani through Zomato and discovered a shocking addition in his meal—a dead lizard. Expressing dismay over the ordeal, Aditya raised concerns with the restaurant, citing a lack of satisfactory response, and took to social media to document and share the appalling discovery.

“Kolkata Retains Title as India’s Safest City for Third Year in a Row: NCRB Report”

In a testament to its commitment to safety and security, Kolkata has once again clinched the coveted title of India's safest city for the third successive year. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, highlighting cognisable offences across metropolises, affirmed Kolkata's consistent record as the city with the lowest count of such crimes per lakh population.

“A Pakistani Woman Crosses Border to Wed Kolkata Resident in India”

In a heartening cross-border tale, Javeria Khanum from Karachi made a poignant journey across the Wagah-Attari International Border to unite with her Kolkata-based fiance, Sameer Khan, as their wedding plans finally come to fruition after several hurdles.

Felisha Thakre: A Talented and Photogenic Child Model

BrandspotFelisha Thakre: A Talented and Photogenic Child Model
Felisha Thakre: A Talented and Photogenic Child Model

Felisha Thakre is being homeschooled, which is a good way to ensure that she can continue her education while pursuing her career. It’s important to prioritize education, even for child models who are busy with shoots and promotions.

Overall, it’s clear that Felisha is a talented and photogenic child, and it’s great to see her succeeding in her career. It’s important to ensure that she continues to have a healthy and balanced life, with a focus on her well-being and happiness.

It’s great to hear about Felisha Thakre’s beginning in child modelling and her success at such a young age. It’s important to note that children should always be given the choice to pursue their own interests and passions, without feeling pressured by their parents or others. It’s good to hear that Felisha’s parents are taking care of her comfort and ensuring that she enjoys her photoshoots.

It’s also important to recognize the hard work and dedication of Felisha’s mother, who is managing her social media accounts and promoting her daughter’s career. However, it’s important to remember that children need to have a balance between their career and personal life, and it’s important to ensure that Felisha is not overwhelmed or overworked

Lastly, it’s good to hear that Felisha and her family have moved to Houston, Tx, and are continuing to grow her career in child modelling. It’s important to remember that success is not everything, and it’s important to prioritize Felisha’s well-being and happiness above all else.

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