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Uttara Kannada Landslide Update: 7 Bodies Found, 3 Still Missing as Rescue Operations Persist

Rescue operations are in full swing following a devastating landslide in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka, which has led to the recovery of seven bodies and the ongoing search for three missing individuals.

“Kerala Woman Dies After Allegedly Receiving Wrong Injection; Medical Negligence Claims Filed”

A 28-year-old woman, Krishna Thankappan, from Malayinkeezhu, has died at the Government Medical College Hospital here following an incident of alleged medical negligence. The woman had fallen unconscious five days earlier after reportedly being given a wrong injection at Neyyattinkara General Hospital.

Bridge Collapse in Siwan Sparks Panic; Second Incident in Bihar This Week

Latest newsBridge Collapse in Siwan Sparks Panic; Second Incident in Bihar This Week
Bridge Collapse in Siwan Sparks Panic; Second Incident in Bihar This Week

The collapse of a bridge over the Gandak canal in Siwan, Bihar, has sent shockwaves through the region, marking the second such incident in the state this week. The sudden collapse, accompanied by a loud noise heard as far as Ramgarh in Darbhanga district, has raised concerns about infrastructure safety and maintenance.

Fortunately, initial reports suggest no casualties resulting from the bridge collapse. However, a video capturing the dramatic moment of the collapse has surfaced, highlighting the severity of the structural failure. The bridge, crucial for connecting the markets of Patedhi Bazar in Maharajganj district with Ramgarh Panchayat in Darbhanga, served as a vital lifeline for thousands of daily commuters.

Residents of the area have expressed outrage over the apparent negligence that led to the collapse. They point out that the bridge, constructed nearly 40 years ago during the development phase of the canal, had not received proper maintenance over the years. Erosion around the bridge pillars due to improper handling during the canal’s construction is cited as a contributing factor to the collapse.

The collapse has resulted in the complete obstruction of access across the Gandak canal, forcing residents to undertake long detours to reach neighbouring villages and markets.

This incident follows closely on the heels of another bridge collapse in Araria, where a concrete bridge over the Bakra River suffered a similar fate. Despite substantial investment amounting to ₹12 crore for its construction, the bridge collapsed before its official inauguration. Visuals of the tilted bridge and the moment of collapse circulated widely, raising concerns about infrastructure quality and safety measures.

Authorities are under pressure to investigate both incidents thoroughly and take necessary actions to prevent such occurrences in the future. The incidents underscore the urgent need for comprehensive infrastructure maintenance and stringent quality control measures in Bihar’s development projects.

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