Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Unity in Giving: Sorabh Saroop Walia, Rajesh & Gopi Provide Food Bags to the Needy

Sorabh Saroop Walia, Rajesh, and Gopi, renowned for their dedication to social work, once again demonstrated their commitment to helping those in need. This time, they were spotted distributing food bags to the less fortunate, showcasing their compassion and altruism.

Delhi High Court upholds LOC black money launderer Ashok Mittal of Hotel Royal Plaza.

The Delhi High Court has refused to recently quash the Income Tax (IT) investigation wing LOC (Look Out Circular) opened against Ashok Mittal of Hotel Royal Plaza, Delhi, on fear of him slipping away from India like his business partner Nand Kishore Chaturvedi wanted in the in-famous Pushpak Builders case that had rocked Maharashtra politics for his alleged link with Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray's family members.

“Jc.Lion.Amb.Dr Pranesh Infant Raj: A Guiding Light in Thanjavur’s Social Landscape”

Jc.Lion.Amb.Dr Pranesh Infant Raj, a remarkable individual, was born and raised in the culturally rich city of Thanjavur. His early life experiences instilled in him a deep sense of compassion and empathy. Witnessing the socio-economic challenges faced by the underprivileged in his community, he developed a profound desire to create positive change.

AMAN ZODE – Founder & CEO of MyMediaMatte, shares his journey.

BrandspotAMAN ZODE - Founder & CEO of MyMediaMatte, shares his journey.

During this era of digitalization, digital marketing is one of the most desirable professions to pursue. Creating genuine customer value and maintaining customer faith is the key to building brand loyalty.


There has been a meteoric rise in the digital marketing industry. Building a credible digital presence has become one of the most important requisites for enhancing your digital footprint. However, to create an effective presence, someone with expertise in this area is needed, and this is where Aman Zode comes in. In the field of digital marketing, content creation, social media management, and YouTube marketing, he is considered to be one of the most prominent figures owing to his extensive knowledge. As a young virtuoso, he crafts strategic campaigns and strategies that establish brands across the digital sphere and give his clients an edge over the competition.

How it all Start?

As an individual He started my career in meme marketing 2018, he was Just 20 years old then He thought of starting his own business for stability and then he opened his own media company name of My Media Matte which was not easy for him because there are so many competitors in the market and then standing as a brand in front of all of them is not easy but he tried and now me and our company is in well reputed position.

What’s Your Message for Upcoming Youth?

Choosing to open a marketing agency was not easy but he want to grow and working for brands was his dream and now he is following him dream and converting into reality. Well for upcoming youth his message is just Be Constant and “follow your dream career and make it your passion you’ll definitely achieve your goals.”

Aman Zode has a great knack for understanding the decisions one has to make in their business so that it can grow.

In addition to pursuing his career, Aman Zode is also proving to be an inspiration for many youngsters his age. It is your insight how you use technology in your life that determines how it will benefit you in the future. Hard work and creativity are the hallmarks of Aman Zode. As an entrepreneur, he’s not afraid of failure, which is one of his success mantras. Whenever a new challenge arises, he is ready to take on it. No challenge is too difficult for fresh talent. Despite all he has accomplished at such a young age, he definitely intends to add more feathers to his cap in the future…

Apart from his skills on a laptop, his entrepreneur skills and positive influence has made him a leader that is a class apart from the others. He has inspired many in his friends’ circle and others around him to work hard and reach their goals. He shares his passion with everyone he meets and spreads positivity wherever he goes.

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